Terms of use


Terms of Use – ETNOS-Global

§1. General Provisions


1. Service Provider: ETNOS based in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany, Ostendstr. 38

2. ETNOS-website: A service provided by ETNOS at: http://www.etnos-global.com

3. Traveler: A natural person with full legal capacity, who by the Terms and Conditions and after completing the registration process can access the services offered by the Service Provider.

4. Vendor: A person who is a tourist guide, tour operator, car rental or equipment-lease, Bed and Breakfast owner hotel owner, or individual, offering services in the field of tourism and others not mentioned above, performing activities related to tourism.

5. City: The place in which tourist services are offered.

6. Profile: Information about opinions of the vendor located on the Website;

7. Account - entry in the database of the service, mentioning the fact of whether the person is a vendor or a traveler, which enables the possibility to access certain services after the person’s registration (username and password required).

8. Service: An internet-based service in order to exchange information between vendor and traveler electronically without the necessity for both parties to be present simultaneously.

9. The vendor provides his / her services according to the regulations.

10. The terms of use are binding for the user without having to enter into a separate agreement.


§2. Types and scope of services

The vendor provides the following services:

1. He enables travelers to publish information and opinions about him, filed by location and category;

2. Access to the search for vendors;

3. Providing new information and evaluations of the vendor by travelers;

4. Enables vendors to provide information about him and to edit this information, if required. Besides, provide information for the ETNOS-website-users about evaluations.

5. Enables travelers and vendors to exchange contact-data.

6. Information and opinions / evaluations about the vendor are published as ranking-list; the individual ranking depends on the received evaluations.

7. Access to most of the services for the traveler is free of charge as part of a standard account "basic", in particular, no charges apply for registration; no charges as well for obtaining data from vendors; free of charge is uploading evaluations about vendors.  Vendors can purchase a pay-account ‘Premium’ which offers access to additional options and functionality.

8. Access for vendors is subject to charge. Pricing is published on the website, and the amounts given there depend on the level of services the vendor wants to use.
When special offers apply, there may be opportunities for a free-of-charge registration as a vendor. These special offers are published on the website.

9. ETNOS reserves the right to introduce charges on any services provided on the website, and simultaneously agrees to inform about the charges in advance.


§3. Technical terms of use

1. Technical requirements to use the services are:

   1.1. Access to the Internet,

   1.2. E-mail account,

   1.3. Internet browser, one of the following: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, updated to the latest version,

   1.4. Each user can access information and evaluations / opinions about a specific vendor and make use of the search engine.

2. Registered travelers may also:

   2.1. Upload evaluations / opinions about vendors

   2.2. Edit information about the vendor

   2.3. Make use of an alert service with new information and opinions

   2.4. Report abuse.

3. Travelers can log in as soon he is a registered user. Username, E-mail address and password are required for registration.

4. Travelers can bookmark vendors from whom he desires to get information; from the bookmarked vendors he will automatically get notifications and evaluations from other travelers.

5. ETNOS reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service if required to do so for modernization of the website, for upload updates and / or for IT-maintenance.

5. ETNOS is not responsible for any interruption of the service due to causes beyond its control.

7. ETNOS is not responsible for agreements between travelers and vendors which due to any reason whatsoever, failed to take place.


§4. Adding evaluations and information about vendors

1. Travelers who want to evaluate vendors have to provide their user name; this user name is the same as used during registration.

2. Evaluations and information about the vendor given by the traveler may only apply to the vendor’s professional activities.

3. Evaluations and information about the vendor are only based on traveler’s personal experiences; experiences of third-party are not allowed to be published.

4. Repeated posting of traveler’s evaluation on the same vendor and the same experience is not permitted.

5. It is not permitted to publish advertising content.

6. Information, evaluations, opinions and comments shall not violate the law and rules of social intercourse. In particular, it is forbidden to use vulgar, obscene or offensive expressions, the use of nicknames is not allowed. Referring to private and family affairs and calling for violence, crime and / or racial hatred, religious, ethnic, etc. is forbidden.

7. The traveler certifies that the information or evaluation issued by him is true.

8. ETNOS reserves the right to refuse or remove publication of evaluations and information if they are contrary to these rules or regulations.

9. ETNOS is not responsible for the content of the information, evaluations and comments submitted by travelers and vendors.

§5. Rules for creating an account for vendors

1. The creation of an account for vendors requires at least below listed information:

2. Basic information include: company name (if a company), name, continent, country, city / place of business, as well as the contact address / contact information.

3. Each vendor has only ONE account. Multiple accounts of the same vendor will be removed. Besides, it is not allowed to create one common account (group account) for two or more vendors.

4. In the ‘SURNAME’-field and ‘NAME’-filed you may not put any other information than surname / name of one single person. Entries such as company name or sort of business / form of activity are not allowed here.

5. Every vendor must create an account. Prior to account-creation he must register on the ETNOS-website first.

6. Each account created and confirmed by vendor is verified.

7. On this verified account the vendor gets access to certain functions, in particular:

   7.1. The vendor ma edit information about himself

   7.2. The vendor can upload photos

   7.3. The vendor can add comments to evaluations about him uploaded by travelers

   7.4. The vendor gets access to statistics from the database for his own evaluation.

8. The vendor may upload his own photos exclusively which show him and his service. By uploading these photos, he agrees that this information is published on the website.
However, it is forbidden to upload photos / images of others, as well as all kinds of graphic creations. It is allowed to process the photo aiming to improve its quality (i.e. contrast, saturation…). However, it is not allowed to photo shop the image in such a way that created image is much different from the original image Furthermore; it is not permitted to upload pornographic photos or photos which do not have anything in common with ETNOS.

9. Pictures which do not meet the above criteria may be removed by ETNOS without notice.

10. ETNOS reserves the right to refuse publication of information and remove if found to be untrue.


§6. Conditions for concluding and terminating a contract

1. The contract becomes active by registration on the ETNOS-website and by activating the account.

2. By registration of the user (vendor / Traveler), the user agrees to all the terms hereof and agrees to follow these rules.

3. In case the use does not agree with these terms of use, he is obliged to remove his account immediately. He has to notify ETNOS about the withdrawal of his account.

4. In order to register (travelers and vendors) please use and fill out the form of this website: http://www.etnos-global.com/register

5. ETNOS provides access to their own data to users and allows them to view and edit these data. However, ETNOS does not give access to data of third parties without implicit consent of these users.

6. By registration and activating the account:

   6.1 Travelers and vendors confirm that they read and understood the Terms-of-use

   6.2. Travelers and vendors agree that their personal data are processed according to the terms of the Terms-of-use and for vendors, that his (vendor’s) information is published on the website.

   6.3. Travelers and vendors confirm authenticity of the data which were given during the registration process.

   6.4. Travelers and vendors agree that the E-mail address given during the registration may be used to send information about the ETNOS-website, technical updates and changes, new terms-of-use and new functions of the website.

7. It is not allowed to use more than one account on this website.

8. It is not allowed to offer one’s own account to other users.

9. It is not allowed to use other people’s accounts

10. An E-mail will be sent to the user’s (traveler / vendor) E-mail account containing a link. Following this link enables the account-activation, the user can log in after that.

11. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

12. The traveler or vendor may terminate the contract by deleting his account.

13. Both parties may terminate the contract / agreement electronically without giving any reason and without delay.

14. ETNOS reserves the right to terminate the contract between ETNOS and vendor or traveler by deleting the appropriate account, in case the user violates the terms-of-use and hereby inflicts harm to ETNOS website and reputation.

15. ETNOS reserves the right to modify any services on the ETNOS website, to modify the method of operation of the service, including the removal of all stored data in the database and to shut down the service altogether. ,


§7. Responsibility

1. ETNOS is not responsible for the content and form of materials and information provided on the website by travelers and vendors.

2. Traveler or vendor bears full responsibility for breaking the law or damage resulting from its activities on the Site, in particular giving false information, the disclosure of professional secrecy or other confidential information, violation of personal rights or copyright and related rights.

3. ETNOS clearly states that the use of the website and the services provided by the website is at the sole risk of the user (traveler and vendor). All information contained on the website are not covered by the guarantee as to their value, suitability, completeness or usefulness.

4. ETNOS does not bear responsibility for physical and legal defects of products offered through this website. ETNOS is not responsible for the consequences of non-performance or improper performance of services contracted by anyone through the site.

5. ETNOS does not guarantee a proper operation of the website in whole or partly.

6. In the event that ETNOS gets a notification of unlawful nature of the stored data provided by the User (traveler or vendor) and these data are not accessible by the other party due to some reason, ETNOS does not bear responsibility for damage resulting of un-availability of the data.


§8. Procedures for submitting claims and reclamations

1. ETNOS will make every effort to ensure the proper operation of the service and will assist in solving problems related to its functioning.

2. Reply to an error report is sent to user by E-mail.

3. Technical problems on the ETNOS website and comments concerning the services shall be reported within 14 days to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. Reclamations are processed within 14 days from the date of reclamation. If this deadline cannot be met, the user will be notified prior to the expiration of the deadline. The reason for the delay and a new deadline will be announced. Service Provider shall notify prior to the expiry of the reasons for the delay and set another date.


§9. Final Provisions

1. ETNOS reserves the right to change the terms of use after informing the user by E-mail  (the E-mail address given during registration)

2. The user (traveler and vendor) has the responsibility to state the right E-mail address he has access to at any time. Stating an incorrect or fake-E-mail address or an E-mail address belonging to another person or company is not permitted. In case of violation of this rule which makes it impossible to meet the condition of (1) – see above – ETNOS cannot be made liable to bear responsibility. 

3. German law applies for both parties (ETNOS and website users traveler / vendor)

4. All matters not regulated by the terms of use are regulated by the law provisions on electronic services and the Civil Code.

5. Disputes arising from the provision of the services shall be settled at the competent court at the base location of ETNOS (Germany).