• Magdalena Tejwan-Bopp

    Owner / Founder
    Since many years Magdalena is fascinated by 'Native Travelling' offering her opportunities to see many foreign countries and make friends with people of many nations all over the world. Magdalena, education-wise, is Master of Geography and by profession she runs a travel-office in Nuremberg (Germany) since 20 years. She organizes tailor-made trips to Poland for her customers. Magdalena is also interested in 'active-style' travelling. Along with her husband Clemes she wrote the Kayak-guide 'Polen - Kaschubische Schweiz', part of the book-series 'Wasserwandern in Europa'.
  • Clemens Bopp

    Co-owner / Founder
    Like for Magdalena and for Patrick, travelling is his passion. Profession-wise, he works for Siemens in Nuremberg as an electronic engineer. Besides travelling, he has still other hobbies... one of these is Amateur Radio 'hamming' (callsign: DL2GAN), trying to make low-power radio-contacts. He always tries to get a ham-license for foreign countries and brings his shortwave-radio and antennas to operate from abroad.
  • Patrick Bopp

    Co-owner / Founder
    Right from the beginning Patrick travels the entire world along with his parents; travelling became his passion. Patrick is student of the Grammar School in Nuremberg; after finishing school he wants to study urbanistics at the Weimar Bauhaus university.
  • Leszek Tejwan

    Co-owner / Founder
    Leszek is a man with ambitious dreams who takes every effort to make them come true. His responsibility is ensuring that work is running smoothly. Leszek is responsible for the technical aspects of this enterprise.

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