ETNOS is an internet platform aiming at bringing people together, who want to find contacts to local people in a given country /region by themselves when it comes to planning a journey. The central idea is making direct contacts between travelers and local people offering touristic services

  • People meet people- bringing together of persons and companies, those who seek specific touristic services and those who offer specific touristic services.

  • Individual travel- collecting information about individual traveling in order to provide personal contacts between seekers of touristic services and those who offer these.

  • Gentle tourism - contrast to mass-tourism- ETNOS sees itself in contrast to mass-tourism. ETNOS wants the potential traveler to find the specific tourist product he is looking for by bringing them together with local organizers / operators. This attitude towards individual travel makes the traveler bear responsibility towards economic and environmental-conscious traveling by making use of cultural and natural resources of his host-country / region.

  • Fair-trade tourism- Fair trade-tourism: ETNOS encourages direct use of services of local tourist companies and private persons who are specialists in knowing their region and country.

  • Ecological tourism- ecological tourism: ETNOS helps planning a trip / journey by making use of local people's resources in order to minimize exploitation of nature / environment.